Our main differentiation is the in-house formulation using data, that allows us to create formulas and products that are unique and exclusive in the market. RODA pushes the boundaries of the cosmetic industry, delivering products that excel in performance, luxury and environmental responsibility.

Our Data

At the heart of RODA's innovation is a robust research team. We develop our formulas using AI with the expertise of a team of pharmacists and dermatological experts with over 36 years of experience.

Our wealth of data allows us to create perfectly formulated products. We identify the most potent synergies between globally sourced ingredients, from Japan to Korea, California to Europe. Then we cross-reference these ingredients with naturally occurring compounds found in local Mediterranean botanicals, unveiling the secret to creating the ultimate skincare products.

RODA develops effective products that are locally sourced and truly focused on consumers.

Our Sustainable Practices

We minimize our environmental impact, partnering with local artisans and providers in France, Italy and Spain, all the while striving to have a packaging as eco-responsible as possible. Roda produces recyclable and biodegradable products.

We use only the best Italian paper packaging. Proudly certified organic and eco-friendly this tactile quality packaging is almost as good as what’s inside.

Our paper is made with 40% CTMP fibres, 20% recycled fibres, 15% cotton fibres and 25% pure environmentally friendly ECF fibres, FSC® certified.