A female-founded company, challenging the skincare industry with its data-driven approach. RODA exists to undo stereotypes in beauty, celebrating individuality in the everyday with versatile and easy-to-use skincare products that stand up for gender inclusivity, diversity and sustainability.
At RODA, we believe in being genuine and transparent. RODA uses natural lighting in its campaign images, provides clinically proven results, is transparent, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

Your Health and Wellness First

We created RODA with the intention of making a positive contribution to the beauty industry. Based on data, we design the most effective skincare.

RODA brings together our passions: the Mediterranean lifestyle, beauty in all of its forms and intelligent technologies.

RODA is a product–lead tech company advocating for health and beauty.

The Meaning of RODA

Roda is where our story begins, taking inspiration from the charming Mediterranean village near Barcelona where we vacationed. It's a place where childhood memories of seaside joy blend with the simple beauty of everyday life.

Rodar, the Spanish verb, means to circulate, and evokes the circular economy and sustainability that we advocate in our local business structure.

Roda has also a nautical connotation. It is the tip of the boat, the stem, that beats on towards the future.

Our Founder

The story of RODA began when Marta, our founder and CEO, was working in San Francisco for a drone and aerial software company. She sensed the potential of applying Data Technology to make a positive impact on people's health and well-being. Upon returning to Barcelona, a renowned hub for biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories, Marta teamed up with her brother Virgili to launch Roda.

Marta is an award winning entrepreneur. She has been granted scholarships by Caixa Bank Foundation, the TIME program and the AWE program of the US Consulate.