We created Roda with the intention of making a positive contribution to the beauty industry. Aiming towards more sustainable formulation practices, we combine the finest natural active ingredients with advanced technology and research.

Roda brings together our passions: the Mediterranean lifestyle, beauty in all of its forms and intelligent technologies.

We are obsessed with quality and products that actually work. They are tried and clinically tested. Roda products are effective while natural, vegan and sustainable. To achieve it, we have a data-driven approach: in fact our products are the result of algorithms. Roda is a product–lead tech company advocating for health and beauty. Roda exists to undo stereotypes in beauty, celebrating individuality in the everyday with versatile and easy-to-use skincare products that stand up for gender inclusivity, diversity and sustainability.

Our team of chemists and R&D laboratory in Barcelona bring more than 36 years of skincare research and innovation with clean, high-performance ingredients to develop the most efficient and streamlined range of products.

What is the meaning of Roda?

The word Roda has different meanings in our mother language, related with the sea, circularity and a future-forward vision. Rodar, the Spanish verb, means to circulate, to pass from hand to hand and evokes the circular economy and sustainability that we advocate in our local business structure. Roda, the place, is where you can find our little family holiday home near Barcelona by the beach. The name brings back happy memories of childhood there. Roda has a nautical connotation. It is the tip of the boat, the stem, that beats on towards the future.

Marta & Virgili co-founders of Roda


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