We offer innovative formulas that combine the purest Mediterranean botanicals. Effective, simplified self care and beauty routines: high-performance active ingredients, organic, natural, vegan and —more importantly — kind to both your skin and the planet.

How is Roda innovating in data-driven Research?

We believe Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will disrupt the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Up until now AI and AR, augmented reality, has mostly been used for virtual makeup try-ons and product recommendations – put simply, to up-sell and cross-sell beauty products online. Roda has a different approach: we use AI to obtain better product formulas and improve the customer experience first.

Our doctors and researchers at the lab had become accustomed, over the last 36 years, to creating formulas with a pharmacist and a chemical approach using extracts from all over the world. Roda says: let’s think locally with ingredients and internationally for consumer needs – as consumer data led our science. And it worked! Our theory was evidenced through extensive clinical and safety testing: we can use local ingredients for just as effective beautifying results. Roda has given life to a new way of creating skincare products, driven by data intelligence that is customer centric.

How is Roda sustainable?

We minimize our environmental impact, partnering with local artisans and providers in France, Italy and Spain, all the while striving to have a packaging as eco-responsible as possible. Roda produces recyclable and biodegradable products. What’s more, Roda’s logistics and supply chain will be certified by Blockchain technology. Our production line is carefully monitored throughout making, from the origin of the ingredients to the life cycle of our products that are fully circular.