Treat your skin with pure Mediterranean Botanicals.

Products that actually work.

Clinically proven.

Naturally organic, vegan, for all skin types.

Welcome to our data lab, hospital sant pau

A global hub of health innovation in Barcelona.

Roda brings together our passions: the Mediterranean lifestyle, beauty and technology.

Exclusive formulas that are the result of algorithms, science and nature.

Our R&D team at the laboratory boasts more than 36 years of skincare research and innovation with clean ingredients and botanicals.

Effective and simplified, conceived and tested by experts in dermatology, offering an optimal balance of naturalness, efficacy and sensoriality.

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A zero-waste care line
for your Body & Hair.

Beauty goes waterless and plasticfree. Great for your skin and the planet.

Discover a Solid Bar collection cold pressed by hand in Spain, crafted in small batches and air-dried slowly.